Never Go Back

As I walk along a lonely street
Autumn leaves fallin' at my feet
I can feel my heart skip a beat as I
Recall you standing in the Winter snow
on this corner where we used to go
And the problem is I'll never know quite why

It's not right
The way you walked away
From my life
Without a word to say
It's not right, it's not right
The way the years have gone right by
But you can never, ever go back again

As I turn the corner round the bend
Suddenly I think I'm back again
I can hear your voice calling out my name
As I turn around and you're not there
And the only sound upon the air
Is the trickle of a tiny tear again

And there in front of me one last time
I can see the old five and dime
Near the bus stop where we used to meet
And as I step into the street
I can see the driver in his seat
A look of horror as the tires begin to screech

Lyrics and Music by Dee Long.
All rights reserved.